Meet the Team

Keith the Electrician

1 Head of the Team, Keith Rees-Murray TMIET, with over 30 years experience doing this job!

Everybody knows that you will either speak to myself, or Amanda, when you call us, but all you really know about me is that I’m an electrician. But what you possibly don’t know is that I have been trained locally and have stayed local in this area as a teenager to my present age, which changed a few days ago for 42 years…good grief where has that time gone?

I first started as an apprentice back in 1983, on the pre-apprentice electrical course at St Austell College, on the Palace Road site, just down the road from St Austell Brewery, I can smell the hops now…ohh…a nice pint of Tribute…sorry diverting my train of thought! As part of this course we had to get regular work experience, un paid for the next twelve months, as this was a full time course. I made contact with Derek Elliot, based in Narkurs, not too far from my family home, in the valley between Hessenford and Castle motors. At the end of the first year I was then taken on as a full time apprentice, completing in 1987.

Moving forward many years I met Amanda, who was a Primary school Teacher, who decided that it was a good idea to take me off the market and marry me in 1998…poor girl!

I have studied a martial art attaining the rank of Nidan.

Helped locally with Liskeard Christmas Lights from 2007-2015.

Put the banners up for the Olympics in 2012.

Donations and help with Cancer research, Macmillan cancer, Cornwall Air Ambulance and St Lukes.

Having had my head shaved for Macmillan, by my great Niece, back in 2016…since then it keep leaving my head! Doing the Men’s day for St Lukes on my own to having my good friends join in…except some one mentioned dressing up…and making the front cover of St Lukes fund raising picture to show how much was raised on the day.

Yes I can do some silly things for local charities, but I also have a serious side having lost most of my adoptive family to cancer.

Amanda the Business Manager

In a previous life I was a primary school teacher for 30 years. Five years ago I left the “hamster wheel of education” and started working for Krp Electrical Ltd. Working for Keith is a lot less stressful believe it or not ! I get paid for “nagging my husband” on your behalf!

I’ve had to learn a whole new skill set relating to the running of the business – not just the technical side but also wrangling builders, plumbers, suppliers and other trades…akin to nailing jelly to a wall sometimes! I also get to deal with some very lovely clients…so the chances are, it will be me you speak to when you contact the office or you may see me on site visits.

Keith and I have been together for nearly a quarter of a century and married for most of that!

However, there other loves in my life…

I’ve studied and performed middle eastern dance for 20 years and now teach it. I belong to a community choir and enjoy my time spent at Sterts Theatre as part of the company, volunteer team and audience.

Keith and I undertake some local charity work too on a regular basis.

So when I’m not in the office or being a “domestic goddess”(ha!), I’m probably doing something arty or hiding out in my “she-shed”on my allotment.


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